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November 15, 2008 - Leave a Response

I feel like barfing.  Ate too many chips.  Catching up on Thursday’s episode of The Office.

I totally forgot to write in here during the week even though I meant to.  Now what I have to say won’t sound as dramatic because I’m over it.  On Tuesday I told E about L and he freaked out!  He even made me cry!  I dunno why I allowed myself to cry over that.  I didn’t even cry on Sunday cuz of K.  The rest of the week was rather uneventful.  There was a minor spat between J and S at work.  Yesterday I volunteered for the Red bucket thing.  It was nice.  Went to a dinner party after work and had a bit too much wine and some B-52’s.  Went to Eat at Joe’s with the girls today.  I think it’s overrated but they seem to love it.  Going out with D and her sis later to watch Changeling and then meeting up with the guys at Sharkey’s.


Brighter than sunshine.

November 11, 2008 - Leave a Response

Today was pretty fabulous.  I actually worked today, which is surprising since I mainly go in and play games all day.  S was laying it on too thick though… I was also happy I got home in 30 minutes.  That is sad because work is only like 7 or 8 miles away but sometimes it takes up to an hour!  

I am doing okay re: K.  I thought about things a lot today but everything is for the best.  

Around 7 o’clock I met my neighbor, A, from Twinkle.  I took some margaritas to share while we got to know each other a bit.  Nice having a pal in the hood now, plus he’s pretty awesome.  When I got home I got a surprise call from M saying he was lost in the area and he only remembered it from me.  It was our first decent, normal conversation in a long time.  I still miss us, naturally, but that was so long ago.

BTW, I just noticed I haven’t spelled anyone’s name out.  Oddity.

Also, I bought tickets to see Pennywise in January.  It’s my own little tradition.  I’m taking Little J with me.  So many afterthoughts.


Song on my mind: The Geeks Were Right The Faint.

I tried to do headstands for you.

November 10, 2008 - Leave a Response

After almost 12 years of knowing each other, I think it’s finally over between K and I.  I’ve mourned our time together already so I am not really hurt right now.  I feel a bit empty but that comes from that love not being there anymore.  When I saw him with her today I knew it; any chance we ever had of being together was over/they are in love.  I normally would have been furious that he brought her, but I felt indifferent.  When he said “hi” I waved an amicable hand and when I would catch him staring my way I would turn away.  As scattered as those thoughts are, they are how I feel now.  

Thank youPiece from art show by Abner Preis

On a side note, last night was a blast.  The girls came to pick me up and we went to the Scion art gallery to see a new exhibit.  The free booze was flowing so of course I got drunk off wine.  Thank God they had my favorite – chardonnay :] We also received swag bags that were nifty.  After the show, we stopped by Albertson’s to buy more alchy.  We were all pretty buzzed so we were turning heads everywhere we went by laughing hysterically.  Then we came back to my place and drank ourselves silly while watching Sunset Boulevard. I’m really glad D, M, and I are getting closer.  They are fabulous!  M’s sister also joined us but she doesn’t quite fit in.  We had fun regardless.

Big Geezers

Song on my mind: BruisesChairlift.